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Summer Science and Arts

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to think about summer programs!

This year’s program runs from June 9th through July 17th, Monday – Thursdays.  Children can come either two days or four, and bring a lunch (peanut free please!).  The program is conducted almost completely outdoors, except when it rains.  And the beautiful expansive playground is a cool and breezy place to play even on quite hot days.

The program features an integrated arts curriculum with a focus on the natural sciences, art, music, and creative movement – with lots of time for story-telling, drama and puppetry, too. There are small groups every day, along with time for snack, free play activities, and outdoor play and exploration. The groups are organized with each child’s experience, development, and individual styles and preferences in mind.

Here are some photos from last year’s program.

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Did you hear the one about the lamb in a diaper?

Earlier this month, Barn Babies visited each of the classrooms.

The children took the plunge and interacted with kittens, puppies, a lamb (one week old and in a diaper), a pig, and a chicken. The smaller animals were swaddled in blankets for the children to hold, and others were in pens that the children could enter.

Some of the children were tentative at first. But by the end, each child had played with or held at least a few baby animals. Interacting with these babies brings out children’s calm, caring, and nurturing selves. More than one baby kitten fell asleep in a child’s arms.

Check out these photos!


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Goldfinch and Nuthatch

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