Family Lunch

Last Friday we had a wonderful turnout for our first family lunch.  Thank you!

What better way to celebrate the diversity of families who have come together to join our community than to share foods and special recipes.  We teachers heard many stories about how children and families thought together about what special foods they would bring.  The excitement and anticipation built among the children right through the morning. The food was bountiful, varied, and delicious!

This year we’ve shared many conversations with the children about their families, family culture and family traditions. Whether by marking where family members were born, where extended family lives, talking about languages spoken, who makes up our families, or how families prepared for the day that each child was born, we teachers have tried to make sure that there has been an on-going family presence in our classrooms. We’ve shared stories, songs and photographs together, and these conversations have deepened our connections to each other and expanded each child’s sense of community.

Perhaps a family lunch like this can become an annual event at the school. What do you think? Please share your comments and ideas with us!

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