Learning Circle Preschool is now open 5 days a week to 4:30 pm!

We are pleased to let families know that we have worked out a good solution to the problem that earlier dismissal times on Fridays create for some of our families.

Our Friday schedule has been a dilemma for us. Teachers need to have extended time to plan together, to talk about the children’s needs, and to develop new skills. We’ve been hesitant to add programming that could jeopardize our ability to offer children and families a program that is built around the specific individual interests, learning styles, and needs of the children enrolled.

But teachers also have been aware that there are families who find it extremely challenging to work out a mid-day pickup on Friday, and we know that families who value our program’s approach have at times been unable to work out the complicated logistics of a lunchtime pickup for even one day, and haven’t been able to join our community.

We feel lucky to have found a good friend of Learning Circle Preschool who has agreed to help us out on Friday afternoons. She is a parent of two alumni of the school, a past Board member, taught with us in last year’s summer program, and loves and values the mission of the school.

We’ll be able to start a Friday enrichment program this year, and the program will continue next year.
We teachers feel that this is a terrific way for us to be able to reach out to families who need to simplify their complicated schedules. It feels great when we can find a way to address family concerns without compromising our values or the needs of the children and their teachers.

If you are interested in using a Friday afternoon enrichment program this year, please let a teacher know. And if you know a family that might be able to consider LCP with this additional support for those on a out-of-home work schedule, please help us share the news about this important change in our schedule as we move into our enrollment cycle for the 2015-16 academic year.